An Interview With Goertzen

March 26, 2018 – Hello again everyone! it’s your favorite analyst, David “WireSponge” Finklestein and welcome to another segment of the “Plunge with Sponge”. This time I managed to score an interview with an ABL veteran, Goertzen, the Captain and ADC for GG Forfeit at Fifteen. Check it out below!



WiredSponge: How do you like playing with Skywish?

Goertzen: It has been pretty fun so far because we all get along really well and this season we actually get to talk to him in game and he definitely helped with our macro play early on whenever some of us were clueless on lane assignments or rotations we could just ask him right then and there rather than having to ask and review post game.


WiredSponge: Do you think this is the season that GGF breaks the Semi-Finals curse?

Goertzen: Of course. I know we get a lot of flame from others about general strategy and drafts, but we are focused on finding things that work for us as a team and I’m not concerned with our current record especially since there’s a Gauntlet series this season- which for the record I like that adaptation by the league. But overall we have shown we can be strong by making our series with FSG really close and we have been learning so much from all the games and scrims we play. We have also been working with Philsgoodman as an analyst as well which has helped our team a ton and really glad he’s helping out the team.


WiredSponge: Which player in the ABL do you feel you have the best synergy with?

Goertzen: Probably either Hyrr or Stutard, I’m friends with both of them IRL and Hyrr was actually the person who introduced me to league back in S6 so I’ve played with him the longest and talk to him about League the most.


WiredSponge: Which team do you want to beat the most? Who are GGF’s true rivals in your opinion?

Goertzen: FSG. We played such a close series with them previously and we wanted to dethrone them like we did DGL last season, but I guess we will just hope to meet them in the playoffs.


WiredSponge: What Bot Lane Duo has been the toughest for you so far this season?

Goertzen: I think RYL’s botlane of Quuadra and Doctor Hi looked really strong. I think Quuadra can definitely become the second best ADC, of course behind my guy Tyson Vo.


WiredSponge: Who do you feel you had the best synergy with in the Bot Lane, Zinski, DRHI or Norgol?

Goertzen: Norgol with a very close second to Doctor Hi. Norgol has overall been the best fit for me because he has helped with my development as an ADC and player the most. He’s usually pretty vocal about when I make a mistake and when I could do something better, which I really like.


WiredSponge: Are you concerned with GGF making the playoffs?

Goertzen: Not too concerned, but we have to focus really hard these next few weeks to really hone in on our playstyle and defining our win conditions. We have been extremely inconsistent this season where we will drop series 0-2 where I don’t think we look very good, and other times where we can make a series really close when playing top teams. There also seemed to be some communication errors and synergy issues this past week in our series against TKK since I subbed mid and we had Nico with his debut performance in the jungle, but there definitely is potential that we have seen in scrims.