Quarter Finals Matchup: RBG vs GGF

April 15, 2018 – It’s playoff time and the Quarter Finals are here! Let’s take a look at the matchup between GG Forfeit at Fifteen (GGF) and Reborn Gaming (RBG) and see who will have the advantage in the series. Catch the series on Monday, April 16 at 8pm EST – watch here: Live Games


Top Lane – Hyrr (GGF) vs Praeyer (RBG)

GGF – Hyrr – 2.5 KDA

Over 100 kills this season and nearly 200 assists for the memed-Top Laner, Hyrr has been a dominate force this season. At 5.8 CS/M, Hyrr has amassed over 5500 creep kills this season. Hyrr has faced off against Praeyer before in Week 8 and it was rather one-sided for Hyrr, but that was mainly thanks to Virginnico camping up Top.

RBG – Praeyer – 4.3 KDA

The Season Two Super-Star managed to get just under 50 kills and 130 assists in the regular season, which is a step down from his previous season performance. Everyone was expecting a lot more from the captain of RBG. However, Praeyer is always putting in work on the rift and takes a different form come playoff time. While Praeyer may be a better “KDA player”, the synergy that Hyrr has with Virginnico will go a long way in tank-busting Praeyer. Advantage: GGF


Jungle – HuntÈ (RBG) – Virginnico (GGF)

RBG – HuntÈ – 3.8 KDA

31 kills, and an exciting 160 assists, HuntÈ is a deadly Jungler, with a high Kill Participation, his warding is strong, but he is seen as one of the weak links on RBG when it comes to team fighting. If HuntÈ can effectively counter-jungle his opponent, he may have a chance to at shutting him down, but it’s going to be very difficult to figure out Virginnico’s pathing and set him back; he’s just too much to handle for anyone right now.

GGF – Virginnico – 4.2 KDA

A front runner to win “Rookie of the Split”, Virginnico has breathed new life in to GGF, he’s a play maker, shotcaller and has some serious team fight prowess. He has a huge advantage over his opponent in the Jungle; this is going to be an easy match up for GGF. Advantage: GGF


Mid Lane – Stutard (GGF) vs Wómbat (RBG)

GGF – Stutard – 4.6 KDA

Just over 100 kills and the 171 assists speaks volumes about the type of player that Stutard is, but his performance during the Gauntlet (nice Penta on Brand!) really showed that he can carry for his team when he needs to. He has a tendency to get caught out, but he still manages to hold his own even against the toughest Mid Laners in the ABL. With a solid 5.8 CS/M and over 5500 creeps kills this season, you won’t see Stutard feeding in this match up.

RBG – Wómbat – 3.8 KDA

Wómbat brought the heat early on in the season and is slowly starting to sizzle out. He managed to rack up 70 kills and over 130 assists in the regular season as well as maintain a great CS/M of 7.1. The challenge for RBG in this series is going to be how they handle Virginnico; putting Wómbat behind is going to be a recipe for disaster if he gets camped too hard. This Mid lane is going to set the tone for the whole series! Stutard has the advantage in this match up, his more passive play style will go well up against his opponent. However, one cannot ignore Wómbat’s ability to build small advantages, effectively roam, and turn around a team fight. Advantage: GGF


Bot Lane – Pixel/Zinski (RBG) vs Tyson Vo/Norgol (GGF)

RBG – Pixel Dreams – 5.8 KDA and Zinski – 5.0 KDA

Pixel Dreams is one of the best ADCs the ABL Series has seen to date. With just over 85 kills and 75 assists, Pixel Dreams has been a true warrior this season. His CS numbers are tight too, 8.2 CS/M and slightly over 4000 CS kills, Pixel Dreams is a gold generation machine. Zinski is taking on his former teammates and he won’t be taking it easy on them, he’s a disciplined and solid Support; the two together are great in the laning phase and in late game team fights. Watch out for these two, they will not disappoint, especially in a Best of 5 series.

GGF – Tyson Vo – 3.1 KDA and Norgol – 2.4 KDA

Tyson Vo has been posting consistently good numbers this season, with a total of 94 kills and 161 assists. While his KDA is not as high as his opponent, Tyson Vo is nevertheless one to watch because of his late game carry capabilities. Backing him up in lane is Norgol, who has 24 kills and a high 122 assists. A highly effective Support player and another contender for the “Rookie of the Split” Award. Pixel Dreams and Zinski have the advantage in the bot lane because of their impressive regular season play. Advantage: RBG.

Taking a broader look at more than just the lane match-ups, we see that this series is going to be a great one. Make no mistake ladies and gents, these two teams are going to war, and their fielding closely matched armies.


Probably Chase Sparrow
Probably Chase Sparrow

Yknow, this is really shaping up to be a great playoff season. Should mention Chase Sparrow more though


Very excited for this match, going to be a good onnnne


Chase Sparrow is not in ABL. I don’t know why he is in the Reborn Gaming Roster.