Season 3 Creep Kings

March 24, 2018 – As we get deeper into the season, it’s important to look at who is doing what right. We are getting close to the playoffs guys, and it will be the little things that win those clutch matches. So let’s consider a different stat for a minute, one that doesn’t get too much attention; CS/M.

While anyone who has experienced playing League of Legends can certainly argue that in the late game CS/M is not that important, but in the early game it really is. Often at the start of a game, having that one item that gives you an edge over your opponent can decide the lane. For instance, if one is able to get the B.F. Sword before the other ADC, this means a huge advantage in an early fight.

Even later in the game effective creeping can add that critical amount of gold flow that allows a champion to afford those game changing items. Teams that have laners (Top, Jungle, Mid and Bot), that can effectively creep have a big advantage over a team that does not creep well. In other words, do not forget the importance of effective creep management, it is a central part of any good laning strategy. Certainly this goes in conjunction with harassing your lane opponent but sometimes it is better to sit back and creep a bit before hand, so that when one is engaging, it’s with an item advantage afforded by effective creeping. All that being said, let’s take a look at our top CS/M players in the ABL Series so far this season!

#1 – Vtalis (Mid, Team Royal Luck) – 8.8 CS/M – Anyone who has watched Vtalis play, knows he is very aggressive and likes to play champs like Xerath, Corki and Ekko. He can be put on a lot of different carry-type champs, roam effectively, but still CS well, he’s not an easy lane opponent. In Week 6, when RYL faced VPS, and he was up against VayneMayn, he really showed his calibre of play. Vtalis is a definitely player to watch this season!

#2 – Quuadra (ADC, Team Royal Luck) – 8.3 CS/M – Another player to watch on the new RYL line up is Quuadra, who is making waves (and killing them effectively) in the ABL. You will often see Quuadra on Tristana, Caitlyn or Xayah and he is equally effective on all of them. He works well with his Support, Doctor Hi, and together they really push the pace in lane, harassing well and rarely fall behind their lane opponents in terms of CS.

#3 – Pixel Dreams (ADC, Reborn Gaming) – 8.3 CS/M – Arguably the greatest ADC to ever play in the ABL Series so far, Pixel Dreams is a hard carry type player. Reborn Gaming plays around him well, but he is just as deadly on his own during the early game laning phase. He had a couple of bad games against some of the top tier teams, but he still held his own. An impressive player that is one to watch in the post-season.

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