Top 5 Player Synergies This Season

April 2, 2018 – As we approach the end of the regular season, let’s take a look at some of most notable player synergies in the ABL Series. Some of these players having been playing together for a while and others are relatively new teammates, but we have ranked the Top 5 Player Synergies. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite duo below!


  1. Pectus (N3) and BusterToast (N3)

Coming in at number five we see the Season 2 champions, Pectus Escuvatis (N3) and BusterToast (N3). It’s a bit surprising to see Pectus and Buster on the list, as they have had some rough games recently and their particular synergy has been hit or miss (video example below). They were a dominant Mid/Jungle combo in the latter half of Season 2 and although they had a bit of a struggle earlier this season, they are steadily coming back to their playoff form and if they can sharpen up a few areas, we’ll see the old wrecking crew back in action.



  1. Wombat (RBG) and Pixel Dreams (RBG)

What do you get when you mix one of the best ADCs and best Mid Laners in the ABL? You get a crazy team-fighting, damage-dealing combo called “Wixel Dreams” (no relation to Wymul), and if you want to add Praeyer to the mix, you can also call them “Prombat Dreams”. Keep an eye out for these MVP-contenders, as they look to make a big push in the Quarter Finals. RBG, RBG! RBG!



  1. Wymul (ROK) and Jordan (ROK)

Coming in at number three is another strong Mid/Jungle synergy that has been playing together for quite some time. This duo from Oklahoma is not slowing down, they managed to lock in the second round-bye last week and will be back in action in the Semi-Finals as they look to make their push for the Championship finals.

Everyone knows how exciting it is to watch Wymul and Jordan play together, they always seem to come out on top in ganks, skirmishes and those critical team fights. Looking at Jordan’s Jungle pathing, he tends to prioritize the Mid, to get Wymul ahead in lane and snowball and their communication is on point. They are patient, methodical and a duo to watch in Playoffs!



  1. Froge (FSG) and Auzy (FSG)

They are the backbone of the number one team in the ABL, Full Send Gaming, and it’s no surprise that these two All-star players are near the top of the list. They are a very dynamic duo that has been playing together for a while and not to mention the two players with the most kills in the entire league. Their in-game communication, team-fighting and ability to 2v5 in tough situations is something else. These guys are making fantasy ticket holders very happy this season! Catch them as they take on Vital Point Storm in their last match of the regular season.



  1. Quuadra (RYL) and Doctor Hi (RYL)

And coming in at number one, it’s surprisingly our only Bot Lane Duo on the list, it’s the up and coming star Quuadra (RYL) and the veteran, Doctor Hi (RYL). The revamped Team Royal Luck owes a lot of their success to this duo and they are a match made in heaven to say the least! They are on an eight-game winning streak and are undefeated in their last four matches. Fans rejoiced when Doctor Hi returned to the ABL as a player, but to see him pair up with arguably the greatest ADC to ever play in the ABL is the stuff of legend. Catch them as they take on The Kawaii Knights to wrap up their regular season and go for their fifth straight series win.




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