An Interview with Former Mid Immolation

October 15, 2019 – A lot of the interviews we do here at the ABL Series centre around star players and upcoming rookies that are making a name for themselves in the amateur scene, but every now and then we manage to catch up with a former player turned fan to get their thoughts on the current state of the ABL – this time we sit down with Immolation (starting Mid Lane for Team Five Guys in Season 1).


WiredSponge: Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us Immolation, it has been a long time since I have heard that name, for the newcomers to the ABL, can you tell them a bit about you and your experience here in the league?

Immolation: Sure, I used to play Mid Lane on Team Five Guys in Season One, some know me as the Ahri one-trick. I only played the one season but have stayed in touch with Zohan, Bishop and a few others.


WiredSponge: A lot has certainly changed since Season One, which dates back to March 2017, so it’s been over two years since you played competitively, do you miss it? Do you still keep up with the ABL?

Immolation: Yeah, I do miss the competitive aspect, but I just have not had the time to dedicate to improving and keeping my skills sharp. I pretty much only watch now and I have been trying to catch as many ABL games as I can over the last few seasons, especially with Zohan always messaging me to watch the playoff games haha.



WiredSponge: Who are some of the players or teams that you cheer for when you come out to watch the stream?

Immolation: Well it’s funny none of my friends play in the league anymore, they all moved to playing Overwatch and the ELO increased way too much for us, so I don’t have anyone I know in real life, but I did have Cendilion and Moody on my abl fantasy team and they racked me up a lot of points, so I cheer for them. As for teams I would say FSG when they were undefeated was fun to watch and now probably just Recon 5.


WiredSponge: I am sure you are excited for the ABL World Championship that is about to begin, what are your thoughts and predictions on who will win and who will be MVP?

Immolation: The format for ABL worlds is really cool, I wish we had that back in the early days and not to mention the prize money is always nice. I don’t know half of the teams to be real with you, but I would say Recon 5 White will win their group and my prediction will be R5 versus SKZ in the Champ Finals or R5 vs Crown – as a fellow Ahri Mid Lane I would have to say MVP will go to Cendilion.

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