Build an ABL fantasy team based on your favorite ABL players and join the action! Keep an eye on your selected players throughout the season and their performance, specifically their KDA and CS/M, as those are the metrics used to accumulate Fantasy Points (FP) each week. At the end of the season, the fantasy teams with the most FP will get paid out in RP.




Fantasy TeamTeam AlphaTeam CharleyTeam BravoTeam EkkoTeam Delta
Team OwnerDrHopkinsMcGrooberTreeBeardddHoudiniCatGroundBurn
Fantasy Points (FP)227.00184.90178.80155.40151.00
Payout (RP)3,5000000
Top LaneBlessed (CS)Tonzo (R5)Nao (FE)Polaris (CQR)Rebellion (FHG)
JungleNico (SKZ)Dorjan (FE)Obviously (CS)Kaze (EGM)Obilisc (CQR)
Mid LaneReload (MMG)Cool (SKZ)Kai (CS)Inkd (CQR)Tilted (FE)
AD CarryProjecki (EFG)Jacob (SKZ)Hunter (CS)Quuadra (MMG)Pigeon (CQR)
SupportCamsterdam (SKZ)Ward (CQR)Phoenix (FE)Warden (FHG)Bardo (EGM)


There will be five teams in the fantasy league (Team Alpha, Bravo, Charley, Delta and Ekko), in order to claim one of the five team spots as your own, you will have to pay an entrance fee of $5.00, which is to be sent via PayPal. Once you have claimed a fantasy team spot, you will join us on Discord in a private channel for the “Fantasy Draft”. Then the fantasy draft will begin, each fantasy team owner will take turns in the following Draft Order for each lane (Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC and Support) until the teams are full.

Once the fantasy draft is complete, every fantasy team will have five players from the ABL on their team (one for each position). Here is a sample team:

Fantasy Points are calculated each week after the ABL matches and use the following formula to determine a player’s total FP.


[(KDA x 0.7) + (CS/M x 0.3)] x 10

Example: Zohan789’s KDA is 2.9 and CS/M is 6.3, so therefore his Fantasy Points would be:

[(2.9 x 0.7) + (6.3 x 0.3)] x 10 = 39.1 FP


Now this formula would be calculated for each player individually on your fantasy team to get a team total of 206.3 Fantasy Points. This number will go up and down each week depending on your player’s performance.

The Fantasy Points are what will be used to determine the Fantasy League Standings. For example;

The winners of the ABL Fantasy League will be announced two days after the Championship Finals.



  • Fantasy MVP is the player that has the highest Fantasy Points (FP) on the team
  • If a player that you have selected for your fantasy team drops from the ABL Series you may pick a new player
  • You can not change your fantasy team roster after the initial draft
  • During the season players may shift positions, this does not mean you can re-draft your team
  • A player must have a minimum of five (5) games played in the season in order to be eligible for the draft