Global Power Rankings

And here we are! Our first ever League of Legends Global Power Rankings for the amateur and semi-pro scene. We’ve seen a lot of changes in 2018 based on the chaotic meta at the start of the year, but things seem to have leveled off. Let’s see how everyone ended up this season. We will be updating the Global Power Rankings every couple of weeks, so check back regularly to see how the global rankings are affected. Last updated: March 6, 2019.




Great team infrastructure, with strong coaching.
Stellar performances in UPL, P1 and LANs.
Made it to the Semi Finals in TCS 2018.



Won Back to Back UPL Championships in 2018.
One of the best Mid Laners in the amateur scene.
TCS 2018 Championship Winners.



Won the 2018 DSG Pryde Invitational.
Great infrastructure and strong coaching staff.



They won the UPL Championship in Spring 2018.
Made it to the Grand Finals in AGA 2018.
Very strong infrastructure behind the organization.



Zenith is a long standing competitive team in the scene.
Have talented players and a work ethic that is second to none.
Runners up for 2018 DSG Pryde Invitational.



Strong, passionate founder in their CEO: Babinski.
Strong performance in the 2018 DSG Pryde Invitational.
Consistently high performer in the amateur scene.



A long standing name in the amateur scene.
Big fan base, strong players, but lack talent retention.
Srkenji has gone on to play in NA Scouting Grounds.



Great playoff run in UML Winter 2018.
Currently rebuilding their LOL roster.
Excited to see if they can get back to top form.



Rockstar leadership: Kyle Mclelland and Chris Nelson.
Strong roster of players, but didn't make a huge splash in 2018.
Excited to see what they can bring for 2019.



Team of All Star players, great competitive experience.
Had some huge upset wins in 2018 and not slowing down.
Finished in top tier for UML 2018.



Strong and ambitious leadership team.
Made big jump from ABL to UML 2018.
Loading up their roster with talent (Choros and Maraem).



Had a huge 2018 competitive season.
Won Season 5 ABL Championship.
Maintained a lot of key players.



Rebuilding their LOL roster for 2019.
Focusing heavily on top tier competitive opportunities.
Has a long way to go to get back to fighting form.



Two-time ABL Series Championship Winners.
Playing in 4 different leagues and top performer in all.



Fielding multiple teams at various ELOs.
Great success in competitive LAN scenes.
Needs to acquire and retain more experienced players.