Players to Watch This Post-Season

August 8, 2019 – It is the most wonderful time of the year; playoffs.. and it all starts tonight at 8:20 PM EST! There is nothing more exciting then watching two teams battle it out in a do-or-die scenario and boy howdy do we have some very exciting match-ups coming up . A lot of fans are excited to see how far their favorite players like dts (FBM), Yukibunny (R5), Lokidosi (WL) and others will go. There are a few players that really have something to prove this season and go the extra mile – let’s get in to it!


Dorjan (Jungler), Dynasty eSports [DYN]

Dorjan (DYN), formerly of Fruition eSports, came into Season 7 with a bang, known for his hyper-carry play style and team leadership; he is not one to underestimate. In fact, he is known to play better when his team is in a gold deficit, he can play from behind and come back in those clutch moments. Not only did his team go on a huge series win streak (6-0), they were undefeated up until Week 7 and almost became the second org in ABL history to have a perfect season. There is no stopping this MVP-contender, he’s on a warpath to a Season 7 Championship and punching his ticket to Worlds in October. The question is how does he perform in a Best of 5? Although Dorjan played in Season 6 during the regular season, this will be the first time we see him play in the post-season – can he keep the momentum going? We will see next week.


Cendilion (Mid Lane), Recon 5 [R5]

Cendilion (R5), arguably one of the most well-rounded laners in the ABL, he has solid mechanics, good game knowledge and rarely falls behind in lane. He is leading up the charge for Recon 5 as they pursue their dreams of a second championship in a row (ie; the prestigious “back to back”). History seems to be repeating itself as R5 finds themselves the 3rd seed again up against a strong opponent in Team Fish Taco (TFT). Make no mistake, TFT is a scary team with some serious star-power in Chromosome and Azuki; although Cendilion is a talented player with a strong supporting cast behind him, this could prove to be his toughest series yet.


Camsterdam (Support), Team Fish Taco [TFT]

Camsterdam (TFT), the man needs no introduction, he’s a Season 5 Champion and currently sitting at #1 on the All-Time Leaderboard for Assists with 397. This season he moved from a substitute player to strong starter for TFT – he is an entertaining, high-caliber Support and one of the fiercest competitors in the scene. This is not the type of player you want to upset; he will make you pay ten-fold on the rift. Now let’s rewind to last season, it was the Championship Finals and it was SKZ vs R5, everyone thought this series was going to 5 games, at the very least 4 games, but it ended up being a 3-0 sweep for R5. There’s no way Cam has forgotten about this; he is dead set on avenging that series and knocking out Recon 5 in the Quarter Finals and he has that Championship fire in his eyes…


Ikaiah (ADC), Grim Legion eSports [GLE]

Ikaiah (GLE), the starting ADC for Grim Legion eSports (GLE) has had the spotlight on him the last few weeks as his squad has made a strong push in the last few weeks to knock out ACE and NFE, securing GLE their first playoff berth. The driving force behind GLE’s success is their hyper-carry ADC, Ikaiah, former SKZ and NFE member. He has already knocked out his former squad NFE, what would be more perfect then knocking out his former SKZ teammate Deelun (WL) in the Quarter Finals as well? A lot of fans are saying Ikaiah is one of the greatest ABL players never to win a Championship. He has run the gauntlet, he has made playoffs every season, he has even made it to the Championship Finals, but he has never tasted sweet victory and won it all. Is this the season he finally gets what he deserves?





uuuhh Ikaiah and Deelun never played together?? Scuffed article


They played together in Season 4 on SKZ, it was Bacon, Godyr, Deelun, Ikaiah and Bloxicen – see here:

name censored

thats not that supports name tho!!!


Except that deelun hasn’t played for WL for about a month now