Recon 5 White’s New Mid Laner!

October 9, 2019 – He’s back ladies and gentlemen! The man, the myth, the legend, it’s Tilted… The former Captain and Mid Laner for Fruition eSports (FE) has landed back in the ABL and this time he is on Recon 5 White (R5W). This was a big off-season move by Recon 5 to move Cendilion from Mid to ADC and acquire Tilted. We reached out to Tilted to get his thoughts, see below!


During Season 6 of the ABL, you were one of the strongest and most dominant Mid Laners in the league, have you been watching any of the new Mid Lane talent such as DTS, Cendilion, Kessler? How do you think you will stack up against the new wave of Mids?

Tilted: Yeah I have been watching a lot of the mid talent and i always look forward to good competition, im not one to trash talk and I try to be humble so I hope all the hype around the ABL mid laners stands up to expectations. I think I will be able to hold my own quite nicely.



Were you able to watch the ABL Season 7 Championship Finals? Three of your former teammates managed to make it to the Finals (Dorjan, Lokidosi and Phoenix), have you kept in touch with them? What did you think of their performances?

Tilted: I was super glad the only teammates that continued to play after Fruition were in the Finals, goes to show how dominant we were as a team seeing as all of them made Finals. I keep good relations with all people that reach out to me with good intent so it was nice seeing them compete against eachother. In my opinion they all played well and have their strengths and it was nice watching from the side lines.


Over the last few weeks there were rumors that you had joined Recon 5 and fans were excited to see how the roster shuffle would unfold – what made you decide to join R5?

Tilted: Yes I have joined Recon 5 White, main reason is that they are a respectable org with a good owner that has many resources for both their players and coaching staff. I think this would be a good transition to see how things work out and for myself to find something new as a player.


Recon 5 is an org known for brewing some talented players in the amateur scene and winning championships, how do you think you will fit in with the new org – What’s it like working with Prettyboy?

Tilted: I think I will fit in quite nicely in Recon 5 seeing as I have taken many tournament first places and winnings on my time with Fruition and I think I will be a good asset to their organization. I like Prettyboy as an owner and he is a really good leader with strong work ethic and he puts his blood sweat and tears into the organization so i hope i can help him out.




It’s either Tilted or DTS for mvp, hands down