The ABL Series is a competitive League of Legends series for Diamond players. Each team plays a “Best of 3” series once a week against another team on Twitch. At the end of the Regular Season, the top teams (Standings) move on to the playoffs. Teams will receive cash prizes based on their performance, see Prize Pool for details.


Join The Action!

To enter the ABL Series as a free agent join the Discord and request the Free Agent tag. Use the Free Agent channel to promote yourself to team’s that are currently competing and try out for a spot on their roster. To register your team please join the Discord and send a DM to Zohan789 (Commissioner). We will review your team’s eligibility and the owner will be required to go through an interview with us on Discord. If we feel that your team is committed, will follow the rules and is a good candidate to join the ABL Series, you will be sent an invitation to officially join.


–GENERAL RULES– (Copyright ©)

  • It is the responsibility of every player to read and understand the entire ruleset for the League.
  • A lack of knowledge of any rule is not an excuse for violating them
  • If there is ever any confusion about a rule, contact a league official immediately for clarification
  • Any situation that arises that is not covered in the ruleset will be left to the discretion of League Officials


  • Players are eligible to play in the ABL with an ELO of Diamond 1 or lower rank in NA SoloQ prior to season start
  • Once the season starts (after June 24, 2019) players can climb up to Grand Master (250 LP)
  • Teams that exceed the designated ELO will be ineligible to play 
  • The account used for said player must be their highest ranked account (no smurfing is allowed)


  • Each team must select a single player as team captain
  • Captains are the point of contact between the team and tournament officials
  • In addition to their normal player responsibilities, the team captain also needs to:
    • Communicate with the tournament officials on behalf of the team  
    • Communicate with other teams on behalf of the team  
    • Act as the final authority for team decisions during the tournament  
    • Communicate all required information to the entire team  
    • Accurately represent the opinions of the team as a whole
  • Once the season has begun, the team captain cannot be changed unless a majority vote by the rostered players for a team
  • Captains are responsible for reporting match results to League Officials.  Inaccurate match reporting can result in future loss of bans or match forfeiture


  • Each team roster will consist of five (5) starting players along with up to three (3) substitute players
  • A roster may not exceed eight (8) rostered players or drop below five (5) rostered players
  • All players on a team’s roster must meet all the rules listed in “Account Requirements” to be eligible to play in an official match for their team
  • Players listed on the roster for a specific team may not play official matches for teams other than their own
  • Player acquisitions may not exceed a team’s eight (8) allotted roster slots
  • In the event a team wants to add a new player to their roster when they are at the eight (8) player roster limit, one player must be dropped prior to adding a new player
  • Players dropped from a team’s roster will automatically become a free agent
  • Teams may trade players to other teams as long as trades do not put a team’s roster outside of the required roster parameters
  • Any team wishing to trade for a player on another team must ask for permission from the player in question’s team captain before contacting a player regarding a trade
  • Going behind a captain’s back and attempting to poach a player will be punishable with match forfeiture or even a roster lock (unable to add or drop players) for an extended period of time
  • Once the Regular Season concludes rosters are locked, meaning that no new players can enter the league for Playoffs, teams must use their staring roster, subs or sanctioned Free Agents.


  • The ABL Series will provide a list of pre-approved Free Agent players that teams may use in matches in the event they are not able to field a full team of rostered players
  • All Free Agent players are required to meet all rules listed in “Account Requirements” to be eligible to play in an official match
  • Any players wishing to become an ABL free agent must contact a League Official and request to be added as a free agent
  • All free agent additions to teams also must be approved by League Officials
  • Any team wishing to use a free agent(s) for a match must notify their opponent as well as league officials of which free agent(s) they will use at least 6 hours prior to the start of their match
  • Teams that use a free agent without 6 hours notice will lose their second phase bans in the first game of their match (match times are at 5pm PST/8pm EST so free agent usage must be be sent in prior to 11am PST/2pm EST the day of the match to avoid any penalties)
  • Using more than one free agent for a game without 6 hours notice will result in the team losing all five (5) bans in the first game of the match
  • Free agent penalties will only be applied if the 6 hour notification rule is broken and the free agent is actually used in a game (ex. If a team submits a free agent notification late but ends up not needing said free agent and they field only rostered players during the match they will not receive a penalty and an offense will not be added to their team)
  • If free agents are not used in the first game of a match but are used in a subsequent game of the match without the required 6 hours notice, all free agent penalties will be applied to the soonest game to be played (ex. A team brings on two free agents between games 1 & 2 of a match, that team will lose all bans in game 2 of the match)
  • Using a new sub without 6 hour notification within a single match will constitute a reapplication of penalties in the subsequent game (ex. Team A uses “Free Agent 1” without 6 hour notification in Game #1 of the match and lose their second phase bans.  Then, Team A brings in “Free Agent 2” without 6 hour notification to play in Game #2 of the match and again lose their second phase bans)
  • Multiple offenses of using free agents without 6 hours notice will result in escalating penalties against a team (Multiple offenses means using free agents without 6 hours notice in more than one match.  Using free agents without notice multiple times within a single match will only constitute as one offense):
    • A second offense will result in ban penalties applying in Games #1 & #2 of the match
    • A third offense will result in ban penalties applying to all games of the match
    • A fourth offense will result in a forfeiture of the first game of the match
    • A fifth offense or more will result in a forfeiture of the entire match


  • All matches start at 5pm PST/8pm EST on the day they are scheduled unless a reschedule is agreed upon by the team captains of both teams
  • Reschedules must be approved by League Officials
  • Each team will play one match per week
  • All regular season matches as well as the first two rounds of the playoffs will be played in a “Best of 3” format
  • The semifinals and finals of the playoffs will be played in a “Best of 5” format
  • It is the responsibility of the home team (left side of schedule on ABL website, higher seed during playoffs) to set up the custom game lobbies for each game of a match, but the away team may make the lobby if they are ready sooner than the home team
  • Lobbies for official games must be made on Summoner’s Rift in “Tournament Draft” mode and allow “All Spectators”
  • Any game that is not played on Summoner’s Rift in “Tournament Draft” mode is invalid
  • If a game is started on the wrong map (Twisted Treeline or Howling Abyss) or in the wrong game mode (Blind Draft, Normal Draft, etc.) will result in a forfeiture of that game by the team that created the lobby
  • If draft is started for a game in the wrong game mode but caught before the draft has ended (ie. the players have not begun loading into game) then the game can be remade without any penalties but all picks and bans made before the remake must be repeated in the new draft
  • In the custom game lobby, Team 1 is the team that drafts and plays on the blue side and Team 2 drafts and plays on the red side
  • For the odd-numbered games (1,3,5) of a match, the home team gets to choose which side (blue or red) that they will draft and play on
  • For the even-numbered games (2,4), the away team gets to choose which side (blue or red) that they will draft and play on
  • In the game lobby, teams must set up in “LCS order” (from top to bottom of the lobby, teams must be ordered by position starting with top and followed in order by jungle, middle lane, bottom lane/adc, and lastly with support
  • Draft for the first game of a must start no later than 15 minutes after the scheduled start time of a match
  • If the start of draft is delayed, the team delaying will lose a ban after the 15 minute limit has been passed, and another ban for every 5 minutes afterward
  • Any team that delays longer than 40 minutes after the scheduled start time of the match will forfeit the entire match
  • Any team that is not able to field a full 5-person lineup of either rostered players or free agents by the 40-minute deadline will forfeit the entire match
  • In the event that a team delays but is able to resolve their issues before the 40-minute deadline, however the other team then has an issue they must delay for then that team will be given up to 40 minutes after the scheduled start time for the match to resolve the issues and will not lose any bans, but the 40-minute deadline forfeiture rule still applies
  • Draft for the next game in a match must start 15 minutes after the end of the previous game (same rules apply for loss of bans and forfeiture between games as at the start of a match)


  • Draft has four phases in this order:
    • Ban Phase 1: Three (3) bans for each team
    • Pick Phase 1: Three (3) picks for each team
    • Ban Phase 2: Two (2) bans for each team
    • Pick Phase 2: Two (2) picks for each team
  • In the case of a misclick or accidental pick/ban, draft can be remade to fix the mistake as long as another pick or ban was not locked in after the mistake.  If draft isn’t dodged before a new pick/ban is locked in then the misclick must remain selected in the remade draft
  • In the event that a draft must be remade, all picks and bans that were already locked in must be repeated
  • Failure to correctly repeat the picks and bans in the event of a draft remake will result in draft being remade again and the offending team will lose all its bans for that game.  Both teams will then start a brand new draft and not be required to repeat picks/bans
  • In the event a team has been penalized with loss of bans, the team must select the “None” option for every lost ban


  • In the event that a player accidentally disconnects from a game or experiences unusually high ping/lag, a team may pause the game by typing “/pause” into chat
  • Each team will be allotted up to ten (10) minutes or pause time in each game to attempt to resolve any disconnect or ping/lag issues
  • Once a team uses all of their allotted ten (10) minutes of pause time, the game must be unpaused even if a disconnect or lag issues are ongoing and must continue to play regardless (in the event a team uses all of their allotted pause time, the opposing team must still ask for ready checks before unpausing unless pause time runs to 11 minutes.  After a team has used 11 minutes of pause time the opposing team may unpause without asking for ready checks)
  • If a team pauses the game after using their allotted ten (10) minutes of pause time it will result in a game forfeiture
  • The game can be unpaused by typing “/unpause” in chat
  • The game may not be unpaused without both teams being ready
  • When the team that initiated the pause is ready to play again they must ask for a ready check in all chat.  Once either the team captain says the team is ready or at least four (4) of the opposing players indicate they are ready the game may be unpaused
  • Unpausing the game without a proper ready check will result in a warning for the first offense.  Subsequent offenses will result in a game forfeiture
  • In the event that the team that initiated a pause is ready to go but now the opposing team is not ready then the pause time will immediately swap to the other team until they are ready to play
  • Pauses may not be initiated during fights.  If a team needs to pause but are in a fight they must either finish the fight or disengage completely before pausing.  
  • If a team that starts a fight pauses, they will be judged by enemy team to either give the free kills or continue from the last point


  • Toxicity will not be tolerated in the ABL
  • Players are advised to avoid using all chat outside of pause notifications and ready checks to avoid toxicity issues
  • Team officials (coaches, analysts, etc.) are bound by the same toxicity rules as their players
  • The ABL reserves the right to punish issues of toxicity between league members even if it happens outside of official matches or the game League of Legends itself.  If provided valid evidence of members being toxic towards other league members on platforms such as Discord, in the comments on the ABL website, etc. then the ABL still reserves the right to punish toxic members accordingly
  • Any toxicity issues will be handled on a case-by-case basis by League Officials


  • In the case of a tie in the standings, the tiebreakers will be as follows:
    • Better game record (win percentage)
    • If game record is identical, head-to head record will be the final tiebreaker

(Copyright ©)